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Catherine Collins is the VP for Entrepreneur Development at VCET.
Catherine collaborates with regional colleges and universities to increase the number and potential success of undergraduate student entrepreneurs and recent graduates .  Further, Catherine advises and consults entrepreneurs drawing on a variety of design thinking methods. Some of Catherine’s favorite topics are design thinking, mentorship, resilience, food, skiing and of course — entrepreneurship.
She graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. in Political Science and French.  After working on various farms in Austria, Italy, Ireland and France, Catherine made her way back to her home state of Maine to work at the Maine International Trade Center.  She returned to Vermont to work for Middlebury College’s leadership and innovation program – MiddCORE.  As Associate Director, Catherine contributed to the expansion and scaling of the MiddCORE Immersion on two campuses as well as MiddCOREplus an internship program and a workshop series.  In 2014 MiddCORE was awarded The Ashoka U-Cordes Innovation Award which recognizes high impact in education innovations.
Little known fact: Catherine worked in the kitchen of the White Barn Relais & Château. 
Previous Workshops: 
Ashoka U Exchange – Innovative Models for Hosting a Social Entrepreneur on Campus February 2014
OpenIDEO Meetups at Middlebury College Fall 2014
MiddCOREplus Design Studio Workshops Summer 2014

In addition to the finalists, VCET’s very own Andrew Stickney (VP) was a mentor to the participating companies and an adviser to LaunchVT itself.


To learn more about IrisVR’s win and LaunchVT itself, please see here: |

How do I apply or get help from VCET?
Whether you are in search of some business advice, executive mentoring, want to work in one of our coworking spaces, or are seeking investment, we want to get to know you better. You can start by filling out our “Get to Know You” form or reaching out to us via this site’s contact form.

How can VCET help me?

We’ll help make it easier for you to start and grow your company, increasing the chance it will succeed. In fact, over 85% of firms completing an incubation program nationally survive, versus 35% who are not members.  If in doubt, talk with our members and portfolio companies as references.

What industries are appropriate for VCET?
We are open to a wide range of industries and ideas. Basically, the only industries we don’t focus on are the 3 R’s – real estate, retail, and restaurants. We remain opportunity obsessed, results driven.

I already have a company up and running. Is VCET right for me?
VCET works with inventors, start-ups, spin-offs and early stage companies with several million in sales. So, yes!

Do I have to rent an office or join as a member?
No.  We try to help entrepreneurs in their community, dorm room or one our spaces.  It’s your call.

Do you charge a fee for seeking your help and advice?

Nope.  We are a non-profit serving all of Vermont, and we really enjoy meeting and talking with entrepreneurs, students and growing technology firms about their ideas, challenges and road ahead.  Some opt in to more significant engagement from the VCET team, the coworking facilities or a direct venture fund investment.  These do often have small fees and/or some equity exchange involved.

If I am not yet seeking capital or don’t expect to for a while, is VCET right for me?
You bet. About half of VCET clients do not need outside capital and are attracted to programs and services related to business advice, team building, flexible office space or accessing VCET’s compelling network of partners and supporters.

Does being in one of your spaces disqualify me from the Seed Capital fund?
No. It might help, but it might not either. The seed capital fund is a separate program with a different investment process and criteria. Investment decisions are made by a three person investment committee with one member being the VCET President and the other two being unaffiliated new venture professionals.

Will you sign my NDA?
Nope. As a policy, we do not sign non-disclosure agreements with entrepreneurs or companies seeking our advice or capital. We make best attempts to maintain your information confidentially. Our reputation as valued, trusted advisers and investors is paramount. If there is something that you are uncomfortable sharing, then please exclude from materials and communications with us. It’s your choice.

What does it cost to be a VCET client?
Advice and coaching are free.  For coworking sites, member fees vary by site but are crazy low, flexible and designed for your success and ours. Fees range from free to $200 per month and in some instances companies provide a small (1%-2%) stock grant to VCET as a way to help the ecosystem, secure more team time and “pay it forward”.

Why are the fees so inexpensive?
Through the incredible and consistent support of US Senator Patrick J. Leahy, the University of Vermont, Consolidated Communications, Middlebury College, U.S. Small Business Administration, HUD, and the State of Vermont, VCET is able to offer heavily subsidized services, great office facilities and capabilities for Vermont’s entrepreneurs and new venture partners. Thanks to all of our volunteers, mentors and partners as well!

Can part of my team be in other states or countries?
Yes. Contemporary technology firms source people, materials and customers globally. We ask that a significant presence of people, production, R&D and offices be located in Vermont. Our partners and VCET want it all here for sure, but priority one is building successful and sustainable companies. If that means a portion of your team and business must be located in other state or another country, then we can consider your situation. Each is a separate decision depending on the unique circumstances and potential public benefit to Vermont, the ecosystem and our college and university partners.

Can non-US companies enter the US using the VCET program?
Absolutely.  This is referred to as a “soft landing” for a non-US company to seek a toehold into the US or North American markets. VCET has done this for clients in Europe and Canada already. Your participation in one of our programs will be judged on the level of commitment to hiring people, developing technologies and establishing a legitimate base of operations here. If you are just in need of a US post office box, then we are not the place for you.

Do you have references?

You betcha! Please contact any of them on the Portfolio page or we can make introductions to you in sectors or situations most relevant to your particular stage of development or industry sector.

Is VCET owned by UVM?
No. UVM is our strategic partner and we lease a facility on UVM’s campus at Farrell Hall.  VCET is an independently managed 501 c (3) non-profit governed by an outstanding and committed Board of Directors

What’s the mailing address and phone number?
Contact information can be found here.

What should I know about VCET and information within this site?
VCET is not a financial, tax, accounting or investment firm, nor is it a broker-dealer, and does not endorse or recommend the services of any firm or company. The firms or companies with whom it has investment or other relationships or are listed on this website are solely responsible for the information provided by them. VCET shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of, or in any way connected with, the use of the VCET website or with any investment or other relationship the user of the VCET website may enter into with any firm or company mentioned or otherwise referred to on the VCET website.


Investment Committee Member

Meet Ken

Ken is the Managing Director of Merritt & Merritt, a boutique corporate, securities and intellectual property law firm based in Burlington, Vermont. His practice is focused on the representation of venture capital funds, private equity funds and angel investors as well as emerging growth companies in mergers, acquisitions and private placements and public offerings of debt and equity securities as well as the formation and governance activities of privately-and publicly-held companies, non-profit organizations, venture capital firms and private equity funds.

Ken is active in multiple professional organizations and various angel and investor groups, including, Investors’ Circle, North Country Angels and Granite State Angels. He is the founder and President of the Vermont Venture Network, which meets monthly to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and others involved in the entrepreneurial process. He is currently the Chair of the Vermont Investors Forum; a member of the Advisory Board of Investors’ Circle based in Durham, NC; a member of the Investment Committee of the Patient Capital Collaborative based in Boston, MA, and a member of Earthrise Capital Fund Investor Advisory Committee based in New York City. He is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Vermont Hi-Tech Initiative and the Vermont Patent and Trademark Depository Library and was a participant in the Leadership Champlain Program sponsored by the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce and is a graduate of the Vermont Leadership Institute.

Jordan Leach is a student at the University of Vermont and is a part-time associate at VCET this summer. She is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, as well as a minor in Applied Design. Jordan will be focusing her work on the new co-working spce in Burlington, VCET@BTV. In addition, Jordan is an intern at the Vermont Captive Insurance Assoication.

Naila Jahan is a Middlebury College student working as VCET’s Undergraduate Associate. She is majoring in Environmental Studies with a focus on Economics. Naila is an alumna of Middlebury College’s MiddCORE program, a challenge-based program designed to build key skills needed to become effective leaders and creative problem solvers. Prior to joining the team as the undergraduate associate, Naila was an intern at VCET through the MiddCOREplus summer internship program. At VCET, Naila manages VCET@Midd, assists portfolio companies, manages social media, organizes events, and works with VCET on a wide variety of other projects.


VCET President, Fund Manager, and Investment Committee Member

With over 20 years involved in capital markets, early stage technology firms and venture investing, David is deeply experienced with economic development, working with entrepreneurs on technology commercialization and business formation, early stage ventures, and business growth strategies. Since June 2007, David has served as President and CEO of the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET) which is an independent non-profit organization offering venture capital, coworking spaces, start-up mentoring and networking. His blog on entrepreneurship and technology is

Prior to VCET, David operated Aggregate Capital Partners which provides management consulting, strategic planning, private capital and new venture development services. He also served in Governor Howard Dean’s Administration from 1992-1997, including a role as Deputy Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic Development and prior to that worked as an asset/liability analyst and portfolio trader at BayBanks from 1988-1991.

In addition to serving on VCET portfolio company Boards, David has served as Board Director, Investor or Adviser to several Vermont companies and non-profit organizations including Cynosure, Union Street Media (Internet Services), JSmart Technologies (Mobile Gaming and Social Networking Firm Acquired by SK Group in 2004), OneMade (E-Commerce Platform Acquired by AOL Time Warner in 2003), Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Assembly of Overseers (2005-2008), Vermont Tech Enterprise Center (2003-Present), The Vermont Business and Education Partnership (1994-1997), UVM’s Vermont Regional Alumni Board (2007 to 2009), and the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts (2001-2005), among others.

In 1988, David earned a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and then ten years later in 1998, he earned a M.B.A. in one-year from Babson College focusing on Entrepreneurship and Venture Finance. He lives in Stowe, Vermont.

VCET and portfolio firms benefit from an exceptional, volunteer Venture Capital Advisory Board. These world-class Advisers add significant organizational capacity, market savvy, networking linkages and venture capital expertise. VCET is honored to have assistance from the following individuals:

David Aronoff

Flybridge Capital Partners

David is a General Partner at Flybridge in Boston and NYC with investment focus in the semiconductor, enterprise systems and security sectors. David is from the Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont and a UVM graduate. He blogs at

Jamie Goldstein


Founder of Pillar. Prior to founding Pillar in 2016, Jamie was a partner at North Bridge and co-founder of PureSpeech, a venture backed speech recognition software and applications firm and as well as an early employee with Symmetrix, a provider of manufacturing execution software. Jamie’s investment interests include software, storage, wireless, semiconductor and materials companies.

Evan Lovell

Virgin Management Limited

Evan is a Partner at Virgin Management Limited and founder of the $500M Virgin Green Fund formed with Sir Richard Branson. Prior to this, Evan was a partner in TPG’s Aqua Fund, which focused in the water and renewable energy sectors. Evan is a UVM graduate and lives in Vermont.

Jim MacIntyre

Serial Technology Entrepreneur and Product Labs Founder

Jim is a serial entrepreneur with over a 20 year track record for technology innovation. Most recently, he was founder and CEO of pioneering web analytics and optimization firm, Visual Sciences, which he sold to Omniture. Jim is a native Vermonter and UVM graduate.

Bill Maris

Founder and CEO of GV

Bill is the founding CEO of GV (formerly Google Ventures). Previously he founded and sold Burlee in South Burlington and he was a portfolio manager for Investor AB, one of the world’s largest industrial holding companies, where he co-managed the biotechnology and health care portfolios. He is a Middlebury College graduate.

Sim Simeonov

Founder and CTO of Swoop

Sim is the founder and CTO of Swoop, a search advertising provider. He was chief architect at Macromedia (now Adobe) and at Allaire, one of the first large internet platform companies. His innovations include: the first web application server (ColdFusion), the best open-source web services engine (Apache Axis) and the first rich internet application platform (Flash/Flex). Sim is a former Venture Partner at Polaris Ventures in Boston. Check him out at


As a policy, we do not sign non-disclosure agreements with entrepreneurs or companies seeking our advice or capital. We make best attempts to maintain your information confidentially. Our reputation as valued, trusted advisers and investors is paramount. If there is something that you are uncomfortable sharing, then please exclude from materials and communications with us. It’s your choice.

For over 20 years, David has been involved in capital markets, early stage technology firms, and venture investing. David is deeply experienced with economic development, working with entrepreneurs, early stage ventures, and business growth strategies. Since June 2007, David has served as President and CEO of the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET) which is an independent non-profit organization offering venture capital, coworking spaces, start-up mentoring and networking. His blog on entrepreneurship and technology is  His full biography is here.